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Hookah Pipes

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The body, or govde, of a hookah pipe is made up of curved vessel which supports water. A elegant base increases from The body and at the the top of base is a dish, or lle, which supports the tobacco. From to several flexible tubes, the marpuc, with a mouthpiece, or agizlik, by the end, are used to pull the hookah smoking down through the water. The hookah tobacco is hot by charcoal and the water filters and cools the smoke. The water gurgles carefully, like a woodland flow, and, in the process, makes the smoking easy and cool.

The word shisha, which can be usually still another word for hookah, arises from the Persian meaning glass or bottle. Hookahs and the tradition of hookah smoking is frequently called hookah shisha. Somewhat confusingly, initially, people also reference hookah cigarette as shisha, or hookah shisha--and there's a Shisha model of hookah shisha!

Hookah pipes today can be found in several types, from Egyptian to Syrian, traveling, small and mod designs to specialty and custom designs. There is a full world of record in the quality of hookah pipes. Old-fashioned components found in making hookahs were supplied glass, cococha often very designed in silver or enamel painting, brass, metal, gold, porcelain, clay, carved stone and wood, and leather. Every one of these same resources are employed today, with the supplement of stainless, Pyrex glass, plastic, plastic, and high quality acrylics, among others.

In eateries and smoking lounges, individually wrapped, disposable plastic mouthpieces are supplied for each smoker. Other accoutrements of the hookah pipe and cigarette are the hookah charcoal and steel tongs. The charcoal is usually in coin-sized pieces and each lasts for approximately thirty minutes in the slow smoking cigarette mixture.

Specific etiquette pertains to the smoking of hookah pipes: the water pipes are meant to be on the ground, as opposed to on a higher table or rack, with the smokers seated on cushions or minimal chairs about it--though in modern hookah lounges, they usually seem on tables. Distributed hookah pipes are not allowed to be transferred, but rather collection down after smoking so the next smoker can occupy the pipe at their leisure.
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