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missing file error: libjpeg.so.62 on my 32 bit Linux Mandriva

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I've installed three different versions of Imprudence in my 32 bit comp. All have the same error. Error: libjpeg.so.62 can not open shared object file: no such file or directory.
asked Jun 16, 2011 in Imprudence Viewer by anonymous

2 Answers

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actually the linux 32bit viewer links a static libjpeg and hasn't one in the lib/ folder. What wants to load the shared library is the embedded web browser of Imprudence 1.3.x. - 1.4.0 doesn't.
answered Jul 13, 2011 by Armin (400 points)
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libjpeg.so is shipped with the viewer, so this sounds like a bug. :( Please report it on the imprudence issue tracker and provide as much information as you can, e.g., which 3 versions of Imprudence you tried. (Also see our Bug reporting HowTo.)

Bonus points if you comment here with a link to the bug report, so that others may find it easily. :D
answered Jun 19, 2011 by Boroondas Gupte (820 points)
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